Floral Carving & Design

6 day class

Floral Carving and tooling is one of the most versatile leather crafts in the leather business. It has been used to decorate leather in almost every field of leather working, from foot wear, to furniture, purses to saddles and everything in between. This is why we have devoted an entire course to building skills and techniques in the art of leather tooling. During this course you will learn all of the elements of floral carving and leather tooling, choosing the right leather and tools, swivel knife finesse, and finishing your work. In this class you will have the opportunity to tap into your creative abilities. You will be instructed on fundamental practice and will be making a photo album to start your portfolio.

  • pattern making & floral design
  • choosing the right tools
  • mastering the swivel knife
  • preparing your leather
  • basket stamp and geometric stamping
  • finishing your work

6 day class: Monday –Saturday
9am-5pm with 1 hour lunch

Cost: $1,475.00

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I participated in the Floral Tooling class offered by Alden’s School of Leather Trades. I had little to no experience…I had basically just held a swivel knife, not really used one! Tim’s approach starts with the very basics of leather preparation, design and use of the tools. I was very surprised just how hands-on the class was; we got many hours of practice and critique before starting the tooled photo album project. At the end of the class, I had a beautiful, tooled leather album that I made from start to finish. Although I can see my mistakes, I am still very proud of how well it turned out! Be warned, though….Tim’s knowledge and enthusiasm will likely inspire you to a life-long pursuit of beautiful leather carving.

Jeri B.

Took the floral carving and design class with Tim Alden and Dustin Loftis. These guys exceeded my expectations and took my work to the next level! Can’t wait to take another one of Tim’s classes.