Traditional Skills

6 day class

Our traditional skills class has been developed to focus on building skills in traditional leather crafting. This class is great for someone who is just starting and would like to build skills and refine techniques. This class is designed to give students a foundation that will help them in any direction they choose to go.

  • Introduction to leather carving and stamping
  • Sewing Leather & Hand Stitching
  • Making Belts
  • Dyeing and Finishing Your Work
  • Finishing edges
  • Cutting
  • Making Patterns
  • Choosing the Right Tools
  • Sourcing Leather and Supplies

6 day class: Monday –Saturday
9am-5pm with 1 hour lunch.

Cost: $1,475.00

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I found Alden’s School of Leather Trades after doing an exhaustive internet search on leather classes in the US. The website was informative and intriguing and after my initial contact with Tim Alden, I knew this was the class for me. I am a classically trained artist and lifelong horsewoman; I have always been surrounded by, and drawn to leather craft. Beginning leather working was a dream and now after a week long introduction to basic skills, I feel like this dream is a realistic possibility. Tim is a passionate and thoughtful teacher, a careful craftsman and a truly kind hearted individual. The small class size, professional tools and materials and Tim’s general enthusiasm for leather craft is the perfect environment to cultivate a love of leather, and learn the trade from a young master craftsman.

Janie Shrader

Just got home after a week with Tim for a skills class. I could not be happier. Tim is a great teacher and a pleasure to work with. Be back next May for Carving class. I highly recommend his classes.


Spent the last week learn so many new skills from Tim, He’s a great teacher and I will be back for more classes. Highly recommend the class.






Traditional Skills