I found Alden’s School of Leather Trades after doing an exhaustive internet search on leather classes in the US. The website was informative and intriguing and after my initial contact with Tim Alden, I knew this was the class for me. I am a classically trained artist and lifelong horsewoman; I have always been surrounded by, and drawn to leather craft. Beginning a new career in leather working was a dream and now after a week long introduction to basic skills, I feel like this dream is a realistic possibility. Tim is a passionate and thoughtful teacher, a careful craftsman and a truly kind hearted individual. The small class size, professional tools and materials and Tim’s general enthusiasm for leather craft is the perfect environment to cultivate a love of leather, and learn the trade from a young master craftsman.

Janie Shrader
Gordonsville, Virginia

I participated in the Floral Tooling class offered by Alden’s School of Leather Trades. I had little to no experience…I had basically just held a swivel knife, not really used one! Tim’s approach starts with the very basics of leather preparation, design and use of the tools. I was very surprised just how hands-on the class was; we got many hours of practice and critique before starting the tooled photo album project. At the end of the class, I had a beautiful, tooled leather album that I made from start to finish. Although I can see my mistakes, I am still very proud of how well it turned out! Be warned, though….Tim’s knowledge and enthusiasm will likely inspire you to a life-long pursuit of beautiful leather carving.

Jeri B.

The Purse Making Class far exceeded my wildest expectations!  I never dreamed I could make the two beautiful fringe purses I made during the class!  Tim is a leather-working genius, can make anything you could possibly imagine and an incredible teacher, explaining things in such a way that it’s very easy to learn.  He openly shared many “tricks” to working with leather that he’s learned over the years.  At the completion of the 6-day class, I left feeling 100% confident in my purse making abilities (a miracle)! Without a doubt, I highly recommend this class!
Yvonne Wolf
Took the floral carving and design class with Tim Alden and Dustin Loftis. These guys exceeded my expectations and took my work to the next level! Can’t wait to take another one of Tim’s classes.
Spent the last week learned so many new skills from Tim, He’s a great teacher and I will be back for more classes. Highly recommend the class.
Spent an awesome 3 weeks at Alden School of Leather Trades! Enjoyed every minute of my time there and went home with a perfect pair of lace-up boots!
Just got home after a week with Tim for a skills class. I could not be happier. Tim is a great teacher and a pleasure to work with. Be back next May for Carving class. I highly recommend his classes.
Just finished the chap class. I had a great time and left feeling very capable. This is a great class and Tim has a way of explaining things that made it easy for me to to learn. What ever class you take you would not regret it. If your looking for a new a new hobby I highly recommend the Alden’s school of leather trades.